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    Are Cash Awards the Best Motivator for Recognition?

    Posted by Tara Smith on 01.19.2022

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    Topics: Employee Motivation, Non-cash Rewards, loyalty and reward programs, Motivating Employees, tangible rewards

    Retaining Employees

    Posted by brian on 01.11.2022

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    Employee Retention

    The pandemic has given people the opportunity to really think about their jobs and what is most important to them, contributing to the current “great resignation”. Retaining employees is now at the top of the list of concerns for many business owners and managers. How are the most successful companies retaining employees?

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    Topics: Employee Motivation, Employee Retention, Employee Wellness Program, improve employee engagement, Engaging Employees

    Combatting the “Great Resignation”

    Posted by brian on 12.15.2021

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    The Great Resignation

    If you haven’t experienced it in your own company, perhaps you’ve heard news reports about the Great Resignation. Employees are leaving their jobs in droves; some for competitive companies and some for entirely new industries. How can we keep our top talent?

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    Topics: Employee Incentive Program, improve employee engagement, Recognition Programs, the great resignation, employee culture

    Re-thinking Performance Reviews

    Posted by brian on 12.07.2021


    It’s that time of year: the dreaded yearly performance review. When managers struggle to think of things to talk about with the team members that report to them…and team members need to come up with things to justify a bonus or pay increase. There is a better way!

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    Topics: Engagement, employee engagement, improve employee engagement, Employee Performance Review

    The importance of “Stay Conversations”- Employee Retention

    Posted by Tara Smith on 11.12.2021

    Employee Retention

    Losing your best employees?

    If you learned your best employees had one foot out the door, what would you do? Would you try to save them or assume it was simply too late? The reality – once you learn of an employee’s dissatisfaction, it’s already too late. Something is missing. Even the highly motivated, most positive, and largest contributors, will suffer in silence and look elsewhere for career satisfaction.

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    Topics: Employee Retention, improve employee engagement, retention

    How Employee Engagement Impacts Turnover and Safety

    Posted by brian on 11.09.2021


    There are many documented benefits to a highly engaged workforce including increased productivity, a more positive company culture, and perhaps most importantly: lower turnover. In this era when more people are exiting the workforce than ever, the competition for capable and dedicated employees is fierce.

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    Topics: employee safety, Employee Turnover, lower turnover

    Missing this Birthday Could be Fatal to Your Company

    Posted by brian on 11.01.2021


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    Topics: Employee Motivation, Employee Wellness Program, loyalty program, Millennials, Motivating Employees, total rewards program

    Preparing for 2022: Trends

    Posted by brian on 10.12.2021


    It’s no secret that 2020 and 2021 have provided a lot of disruption. As everyone

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    Topics: Employee Incentive Program, Remote Employees, Engaging Employees, Consumer Loyalty, employee gifts, 2022 Trends

    Business Gifts Build Relationships

    Posted by brian on 09.27.2021

    Employee Gifts


    As many companies are still postponing events and group travel due to the pandemic, gift-giving remains an important way in which companies thank, reward, and recognize their employees and customers.

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    Topics: merchandise rewards, Reward and Recognition, reward program, employee gifts, customer gifts

    Avoiding Employee Burnout

    Posted by brian on 08.25.2021

    Employee Burnout

    Olympic athletes that are citing burnout and mental health as the reason they’re dropping out of competitive events have been in the news. Athletes are not the only ones that experience burnout and mental health challenges; they exist in the workplace as well. Once an employee has lost motivation, it’s very hard to get it back. What are the signs of employee burnout and how can managers avoid burnout before it’s too late?

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    Topics: Employee Reward and Recognition Programs, Employee Wellness Program, Engaging Employees, Encourage Employees, Employee Burnout

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