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    how to improve your virtual conference

    Posted by Javier Melendez on 08.06.2020


    Many companies are doing virtual events right now because of COVID-19, and the problem most of them have is that they are not that engaging. When you attend an event in person, you are engaging with the event; You committed to travel, carved out time out of your schedule to be there, perhaps even scheduled a babysitter. Having that in-person event creates a physical connection, or a memory if you will, such as the people met while networking, some swag they got at the event, or even the venue if held at a resort-style venue. 

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    Are you ready for the holidays?

    Posted by cindy on 10.09.2019

    Are you ready for the holidays


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    Don't Panic, but your marketing needs to be ready for tariffs

    Posted by Javier Melendez on 05.28.2019

    Don't Panic - Promotional Products

    The big, scary word these past two weeks is tariffs, and while it sounds nasty, it's really not if you start planning for it. If you have not paid attention to the news lately, trade talks with China have gone south, and now there is currently a 25% tariff on certain goods, and another 25% possible to take hold over the summer that will affect almost all products. This means that most items you find in stores, like electronics, tools, clothing, and more, are going to go up in price this summer - just the cold hard facts. The jump is too big for a business to "eat" until the next standard price increase.

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    promotional product sales on the rise

    Posted by mike on 04.26.2019


    ASI (Advertising Speciality Institute) recently put out this article showing promotional product sales growth as 3.4% in the first quarter.

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    Clique telemark top selling jacket at an unbeatable price!

    Posted by cindy on 04.01.2019

    Clique Telemark Jacket


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    Find the fairway with promotional products that motivate

    Posted by cindy on 03.21.2019


    Maintaining great employee and customer relationships is a critical component to a company's long term success!

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    Stay warm in the cold weather with Landway fleece

    Posted by cindy on 11.02.2018


    New call-to-action

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    How to Better Utilize Your Marketing Budget with Promotional Products

    Posted by Javier Melendez on 09.18.2017

    Promotional Products

    Today’s marketing world is a battlefield of messaging apps, video ads, email marketing, digital banners, and more, all fighting for your attention on your screens. But what about the marketing off screen? Your brands face to face recognition where people look up from their phones to interact with your brand. Many brands today are forgetting this as they are so focused on the fight for 5 seconds of your time before you press the skip to video button on YouTube, or popping up on your Facebook feed.

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