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    Human Resources Trends for 2021

    Posted by Brian Galonek on 12.08.2020

    Human Resources Trends for 2021

    This year has been a challenge for most businesses, and especially for HR managers as companies transition to a work-from-home workforce. We’ve discussed the trends in marketing next year; here are some trends that experts predict we’ll see in 2021 for human resource professionals:

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    Topics: employee rewards, Engaged Employees, Employee Incentive Program, improve employee engagement, Incentive Marketing, marketing incentive, Human Resources

    Should Employee Engagement and Company Culture be a job for Marketing rather than Human Resources?

    Posted by heidi on 09.25.2019

    Improve Company Culture

    Studies and experts confirm that companies with higher employee engagement are more profitable, have lower turnover, higher shareholder value, greater productivity and more. Companies with a positive corporate culture enjoy higher levels of employee engagement and better attract and retain talent. In the years since these initiatives have surfaced in corporate America, Human Resources has typically been charged with both increasing employee engagement and building a positive corporate culture. Are these initiatives better suited to the Marketing department?

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    Topics: Employee Incentive Program, improve employee engagement, Motivating Employees, Reward Employees, Company Culture, Human Resources


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