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    Best Practices for a More Diverse & Inclusive Workplace

    Posted by brian on 07.22.2021

    Best practices for diverse and inclusive workplaces

    In a previous post, we found that organizations that are diverse and inclusive enjoy a higher level of employee engagement. Highly engaged employees perform better, are more innovative and respond to organizational change more easily, resulting in better overall company performance.

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    Topics: Employee Appreciation, employee engagement, Diversity, workplace diversity, workplace inclusion

    Does Diversity & Inclusion Improve Employee Engagement?

    Posted by brian on 07.14.2021

    Diversity and Inclusion improving employee engagement

    Employee engagement is defined as the extent to which employees feel positive about their jobs, are committed to the organization and put extra effort into their work. Because organizations with high levels of engaged employees enjoy a host of benefits, company leaders are seeking any initiatives that improve engagement. A focus on diversity and inclusion can do just that.

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    Topics: improve employee engagement, Engaging Employees, Diversity, workplace diversity, inclusion, workplace inclusion

    Incentives for Vaccines: Do they work?

    Posted by brian on 07.08.2021



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    Topics: Employee Motivation, Engage Motivate Reward, Motivating Employees, Vaccine Incentives

    Independent Contractors need Recognition too!

    Posted by brian on 06.04.2021

    Recognizing Independent Contractors

    Earlier this year, legislation was introduced in Congress that would have effectively banned independent contractor classifications under federal labor law. Those in the incentives, rewards & recognition marketplaces would have been adversely affected.

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    Topics: Employee Programs, Employee Recognition, Employee Incentive Program, improve employee engagement, loyalty program, Motivate Employees

    How do we motivate employees to get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

    Posted by brian on 05.13.2021



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    The Impact of Employee Engagement on Wellness & Safety

    Posted by brian on 05.07.2021

    Impact of employee engagement on wellness and safety

    Our CEO, Brian Galonek, gave the Keynote Address to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) virtual conference, outlining the strategic path to employee engagement, and how increased engagement impacts safety and wellness.

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    Topics: Employee Safety Program, Employee Wellness, improve employee engagement, Safety Programs, wellness program, Workplace Safety

    The Difference between Corporate Gifting and Employee Incentives

    Posted by brian on 04.20.2021

    Corporate gifting vs. employee incentives

    Because we’re in the business of helping companies improve business, we are especially skilled in structuring effective employee programs that improve engagement, increase sales and achieve other metrics and improve business in general. (There are many reasons why improving employee engagement is beneficial.) This recent article suggests that some company leaders may be unclear about the difference between corporate gifting and properly structured employee incentive, recognition and reward programs.

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    Topics: Employee Reward and Recognition Programs, corporate gifts, corporate logo merchandise, Employee Incentive Program, improve employee engagement

    The Strategic Path to Employee Engagement

    Posted by brian on 04.07.2021


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    Topics: Employee Recognition Programs, Disengaged Employees, Employee Appreciation, improve employee engagement, Motivating Employees, rewarding employees

    What Does ESG Mean to Your Business? Part 4: Prosperity

    Posted by brian on 03.19.2021

    ESG Prosperity

    ESG refers to business leader’s focus on Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance in relation to their long-term plans. What can a focus on ESG mean to your business or profitability, and how can companies use employee engagement tactics to further the cause?

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    Topics: improve employee engagement, Rewards and Recognition Program, ESG, reward and recognize employees

    IEEE Seattle Electrical Conference

    Posted by brian on 03.18.2021



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    Topics: Engaged Employees, improve employee engagement

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