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    Do Your Labor Relations Practices Match Trend Predictions?

    Posted by Brian Galonek on 07.28.2022

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    Reward & Recognition Strategies that Ensure Employee Engagement

    Posted by Brian Galonek on 07.20.2022

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    A recent article from Sodexo lists 3 types of rewards and recognition that ensure employee engagement. Because every workforce is different, there is not one (or 3) specific things that can “ensure” employee engagement. Companies have been struggling to increase employee engagement for decades. Our industry research shows that there are certain strategies that work. In our experience, Sodexo comes close. Their recommendations follow in italics. Our comments below:

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    Topics: Engagement Programs, improve employee engagement, loyalty and reward programs, Recognize and Reward, Rewards Program

    Managing in a Post-Pandemic Environment

    Posted by Brian Galonek on 01.11.2021


    Managing a remote workforce has not made things easier during the pandemic. A great manager may mean an even more engaging experience for an employee; a bad manager may see their staff actively disengage. For managers in a pandemic and post-pandemic environment, new skills and tactics may be necessary.

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    Can a Gift with Purchase Boost Your Sales?

    Posted by Brian Galonek on 09.12.2018

    Gift with purchase program

    When sales and marketing leaders are looking to boost sales, discounts and buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) offers often come to mind. While these may be effective some of the time, they are expensive and cut into profit margins. A gift-with-purchase program is affordable and can boost your sales.

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    Friendship ROI

    Posted by tara on 10.17.2014

    I am rapidly approaching my 10-year anniversary with my company.  It’s a family-owned business so already has a friendly built-in quality about it that makes it feel familiar before you even get to know anyone.  I have made lifelong friends over the years – some have left and keep in touch and some are still here alongside me.

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    Make Safety Proactive

    Posted by tara on 09.26.2014


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    Communications – Keeping Rewards & Recognition Top of Mind

    Posted by tara on 08.21.2014

    In a previous blog I talked about the importance of measuring results and I still believe that is a key component for inclusion in the creation of a program strategy.  Equally as important is the need for a communications plan.

    One of the most likely contributors to a failing program is the lack of a communications strategy. We have seen it happen many times – a company launches a program and then “hopes” it essentially runs itself.  Many companies believe in the power of incentives, recognition and rewards but often don’t realize the effort that it takes to create, launch, sustain, and enhance a successful program over time.  If a program is not communicated on a regular basis in various ways….well then it is essentially out of sight - out of mind (and the likely demise of the program).  Consider the program to be the flower and the communication the water – without it, it dies on the vine.

    It is not only important to create a communications strategy for the launch but also one that evolves and is administered frequently throughout the life of the program.  Communications must be multi-dimensional and targeted.  Similar to the need for benchmarking prior to a program launch in order to properly measure results, surveying your audience(s) about how, where, when they obtain information is critical.

    For more on this topic click here to read “Great Program Communications Inspire Employees, Drive Results,” a recent white paper published by the Performance Improvement Council, of which All Star Incentive Marketing is a member.


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    Don't Gamble with Your Employees; Reward Them

    Posted by Gary Galonek on 06.30.2014


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    Benchmark, Measure, Refine, Repeat….

    Posted by tara on 06.20.2014

    Measure Success-resized-600

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    Starbucks Rewards

    Posted by sandy on 06.02.2014

    Funny article showing a TX man that took a free birthday coffee to a whole new level at Starbucks.  He managed to create a $54.75 coffee drink to set a new record.  His Frappuccino included 60 espresso shots, chocolate and white chocolate syrup, protein powder, whipped cream, caramel and hazelnut drizzles and nut and cookie toppings, essentially creating a giant coffee milkshake.

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