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    Cash Incentives for Antivirus Shot

    Posted by gary on 02.18.2021


    Nearly 1 month into President Biden’s push for one million COVID-19 vaccinations to be distributed in his first 100 days in office – his own version of “Warp Speed” – there are numerous reports of certain factions of the population resisting the shot. As many as 30% of the military personnel say they have no plan to get it, which is troubling when you consider that National Guardsmen will be tasked with administering the vaccines in certain areas and may be of the same mind set. It has also been reported that several NBA players are reluctant to get the shot and therefore unwilling to perform in PSA’s promoting it.  In total, some 40% of Americans still have no plans on getting either of the vaccines available. To combat this in the private sector, numerous employers with a vested interest in vaccinated employees have begun taking a different tact towards those reluctant to receive the shot; cash incentives.

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    Cashless Casinos?

    Posted by gary on 01.25.2021


    We all know that old habits die hard.  Since the first major casino appeared in Las Vegas in 1940 (and numerous games of chance for centuries prior), coins and cash have always been a staple for participation.  A table games player slides up to a blackjack table with a wad of cash in his pocket or a slot player basks in the glory of dozens of coins pinging in her tray.  The latter was the first to begin disappearing on slot floors early in the 21st century  with the implementation of ticket in - ticket out (“TITO”) wagering that was actually first proposed by MGM in 1992.  This created a less cacophonous gaming floor and also served to protect gambler and staff alike form handling dirty coins.  However, the movement away from cash, particularly in the table games area,  will require additional processes to keep things flowing smoothly.  It may also require some motivation to the player in the form of incentives.


    Change is uncomfortable for us (or people). And as such,  casino patrons have not always adapted to changes so easily in their gaming environments.  Smoke free gaming areas or entire smoke free casinos were not embraced by the majority of gamblers at first but are now commonplace.  When cell phone use exploded and operators feared it presented an opportunity to cheat, on top of being a major distraction to others, they were banned from use at tables.  I can’t tell you how many times I heard a dealer or pit boss say “no cell phones at the table please”, and in full disclosure, to me on more than one occasion!  You are much less likely to see it attempted now.


    COVID-19 is accelerating movements on many fronts to create safer work and play environments, and certainly the handling of cash and coins has become a sticking point.  Given the possible resistance to cashless gaming that would require “frictionless” access to funds, many gamblers are likely to try and buck this change.  Like most major changes of habit, it would have to be phased in.  To simply draw a line in the sand with a date would put your casino in a precarious position vis a vis a neighboring property not requiring it.


    Herein lies the opportunity to build into your loyalty program’s point structure an incentive to go cashless.  Perhaps extra points could be awarded per dollar wagered when done so in a frictionless manner to expedite acceptance of this initiative.  Points redeemed for tangible rewards vs. cash back or free play are proven to produce longer lasting loyalty to your brand .

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    Casino Loyalty Programs:  The Case for Remote Redemption

    Posted by gary on 08.27.2020


    As casinos around the country slowly re-open in their new Covid-19 incarnations, I am struck by how little communication there was between many casino operators and their guests during the pandemic. Yes, when most news is bad news, there isn’t much reason for communication and thus many chose silence. There was however one shining example of a casino whose patrons stayed engaged throughout the shutdown via there online rewards program. This large, first class Native Indian gaming operator stayed top of mind with their better players by keeping their remote redemption program active.

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    Employee Engagement Matters - September 2015

    Posted by gary on 09.11.2015
    2015 September
    The backbone of a business’s success is happy employees! This monthly publication will highlight proven strategies for employee engagement, motivation, and loyalty which have a direct effect on customer satisfaction, and ultimately impacts financial performance.
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    Raising Employee Engagement While Increasing Patron Loyalty

    Posted by gary on 08.05.2015


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    All Star participates in 200 mile, overnight running relay race!

    Posted by gary on 05.12.2015

    RagnarA team co- sponsored by All Star Incentive Marketing and Rapscallion Brewing (The “Rapscallion Racers”) finished 29th out of nearly 500 teams in the Cape Cod 192 mile Ragnar Relay held on May 8th and 9th.  The race began Friday afternoon at 12:45 PM at Nantasket beach in Hull Massachusetts for the All Star team and winded its way to Provincetown.  With 12 runners in two vans taking 3 legs each the team completed the relay in just over 25 hours.  Nighttime runs required safety vests and front and back lights.  There are approximately 15 Ragnar races across the country, each one with a local charity tie in.  The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp in Connecticut, founded by Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, was one of the charities that benefited this year.  Pictured here at the start of the race is Gary Galonek, one of the principals at All Star incentive Marketing and employees Tara Linton and Christine Sosik.  More at:

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    Historic Day in Springfield, MA

    Posted by gary on 03.25.2015

    The irony was not lost on Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno.  Less than 4 years after a tornado damaged a significant portion of downtown Springfield as it ripped through Massachusetts, this recently licensed $800 million dollar resort casino project will “rise like a Phoenix from the ashes” to become the largest private development project in the City’s history.  Tuesday March 24thsaw a host of local and state officials, MGM executives, community leaders and well-wishers gather for the groundbreaking ceremony of this landmark development.   The project is slated to be completed in 2017, and will give a desperately needed economic shot in the arm to Springfield and Western MA in general with the prospects of 3,000+ jobs once the construction stops and the ribbon is cut.  MGM president Jim Murren, one of 6 who took to the podium this morning, was glowing in his praise for Mayer Sarno and all those involved in bringing this to fruition, and looks forward to the day when Springfield and its existing attractions such as the National Basketball Hall of Fame and Mass Mutual Center are all benefiting from increased traffic that the casino will bring.  Everyone was invited to place a wish in the wishing well to be buried on the site, and Jim Murren shared his wish that he hoped he could “deliver on all of the promises” he and MGM made during the process.

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    A 5th Casino In Massachusetts?

    Posted by gary on 01.14.2015

    WampanoagFor decades that Aquinnah tribe (Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head)of Martha’s Vineyard has been trying to assert their rights to develop a casino on the island.  The appetite for gaming licenses seems to be waning with the granting of a license to MGM in Springfield, and a still contentious license to Wynn in Everett, with the 3rd resort casino license still to be determined in Southeastern, MA but being “held” for the Mashpee Wampanoags (no relation to the Aquinnah’s).  In addition, the slots only license was granted to Penn Gaming for the now under construction “racino” at the former Plainridge Racecourse harness Race Track. This case remains in U.S. District Court.  Stay tuned.

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    Everybody Wins!

    Posted by gary on 10.30.2014

    A corporate wellness program with strong incentives can go a long way towards supporting your employees in adopting new habits and managing their health. When these programs succeed, everybody wins. That’s why All Star encourages our clients to incorporate wellness into their employee-focused reward program — and to boost the effectiveness of their existing wellness efforts by adding attractive incentives.

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    This year's G2E Keynote Address by Steve Wynn...

    Posted by gary on 10.03.2014

    Channeling Jack Nicholson, Ronald Reagan with a dash of Clint Eastwood, Steve Wynn proved why he is truly a legend in the gaming industry.

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