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    The Brand Plan

    Posted by tara on 06.20.2016


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    The Bottom Line: Employee Happiness

    Posted by Kristie Galonek on 02.12.2015

    Just because an employee is happy, does not necessarily mean they are productive; just because an employee is productive, does not necessarily mean they are happy. Despite generation or personality type, we should always be exploring our interests and passions to pursue our own way of life inside and outside of the workplace. That being said, our happiness and employment status are very much related. Our jobs provide opportunities for us to establish connections with others, to utilize and enhance our skills, and allow us the ability to capitalize on our strengths, which ultimately permits us to find meaning in society and achieve our goals. Studies show that happy employees achieve their goals 31% more often, are 36% more motivated in their work, and strive to do the best they can to help to make their organization more successful. In return, they anticipate recognition for the efforts behind their contribution and commitment to their company. Employers who recognize the difference between a happy employee and an engaged employee often create a positive work culture that supports a more creative, productive, and resilient work force.

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    Benchmark, Measure, Refine, Repeat….

    Posted by tara on 06.20.2014

    Measure Success-resized-600

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