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    Tablets: playmate, teacher or babysitter?

    Posted by allison on 02.22.2012

    According to the latest Nielsen survey of adults with children under 12 in tablet-owning households, in Q4 2011 seven out of every 10 children in tablet-owning households used a tablet computer – a nine percent increase compared to Q3 2011.

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    What does Cloud Storage, Google Wallet and a 900lb iPod dock have in common?

    Posted by allison on 01.14.2012

    These are all products featured at this year's CES. The Consumer Electronic Show is the equivalent of 31 football fields full of emerging technology. This show never ceases to amaze me. There is quite a bit to see and comprehend in only 3 days. This year there was not a major focus on new categories. What I saw was several enhancements to existing categories. It appears to be the year of personal connection. Many manufacturers demonstrated how you can incorporate several of your electronic devices to communication with each other. Upload pictures/movies from your phone or camera to your TV, tablet or PC, etc.. Have your washer machine or dryer text you and tell you it is time to switch the clothes to the dryer. Now if they could just fold and put away for you.

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