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    Missing this Birthday Could be Fatal to Your Company

    Posted by Brian Galonek on 11.01.2021


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    Independent Contractors need Recognition too!

    Posted by Brian Galonek on 06.04.2021

    Recognizing Independent Contractors

    Earlier this year, legislation was introduced in Congress that would have effectively banned independent contractor classifications under federal labor law. Those in the incentives, rewards & recognition marketplaces would have been adversely affected.

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    Why Consumer Loyalty Programs are Vital to your Business

    Posted by All Star on 05.05.2016


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    This year's G2E Keynote Address by Steve Wynn...

    Posted by Gary Galonek on 10.03.2014

    Channeling Jack Nicholson, Ronald Reagan with a dash of Clint Eastwood, Steve Wynn proved why he is truly a legend in the gaming industry.

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    Suffolk Downs Bluffing?

    Posted by Gary Galonek on 09.25.2014

    In the high stakes world of casino licensing, one can assume that the art of bluffing is employed from time to time.  Could that be the case with Suffolk Downs and the Massachusetts Gaming Commission?   With Suffolk and partner Mohegan Sun having lost out to Steve Wynn for the Eastern casino license rumors began to immediately swirl of the demise of Suffolk Downs, the last of the permanent Thoroughbred Race Tracks in New England.  However, given that Suffolk Downs was originally scheduled to shut down soon anyway, one must wonder if the threat of a permanent shutdown is a ploy to get a piece of the gaming revenue from the other three licensed properties to help bolster purses and keep them viable is the hope.  I viable race track across the river from a resort casino destination might be a win-win for Wynn and Boston, so stay tuned!

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    What's in a Name?

    Posted by tara on 09.24.2014

    I recently read a great article on branding – specifically about “naming” a company or service - that talked about the seven tests that a name has to pass before it should be used.  I think it is applicable not only to a product or service but also to an incentive program – at least on some levels.

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    Not Just Tchotchkes Anymore!

    Posted by cindy on 08.01.2014

    Though standard ballpoint pens, coffee mugs, key chains and tee shirts will always stay in the mix, there is a growing desire for corporate gifts, give-aways and “leave-behinds” to make a statement and lasting impression on recipients.

    Corporations and their marketing departments are expressing a bigger interest in products that “fit” the brand and demonstrate creativity and marketing expertise even though product is more expensive.  Many ASI suppliers have added brand names to their product lines to enhance their offerings and attract these higher end shoppers.  The rule of thumb in most every product search is “high perceived value” at the best possible price.  Brand Name Merchandise Awards that Motivate

    “Promotional” grade items are less popular and even unacceptable to some.  There is a growing appeal for the association of corporate brand recognition with brand name gifts.  Useful, high quality items that will last and be utilized over and over, therefore extending the exposure of the company logo, are sought after more often than not.   The old adage, “you have to spend money to make money”, is taking on new meaning.  Instead of making purchases to get as many as you can for the dollar, more money is being spent per item on lower quantities in order to make a better impression on sought after prospective customers.

    But, whether it is a need for 5,000 BIC® pens, 500 Tervis Tumblers® or 50 High Sierra® backpacks, you can depend on All Star Incentive Marketing to find those top quality items for the best price.

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    The Best Casino Resorts are Right in your Backyard!

    Posted by tim on 07.18.2014


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    Keurig 2.0

    Posted by sandy on 03.26.2014

    Keurig2All Star Incentive Marketing knows incentives, and the power of premium brand name merchandise is just one of the tools that help us stay ahead in the industry.

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    Northern New England: Tough Nut to Crack for Expanded Gaming

    Posted by Gary Galonek on 03.25.2014

    toughnutIf you’re searching for a place to play a hand of black jack or visit a new slot facility, north of the Massachusetts border is not looking like the place to visit.  We’ve recently read about the failure to pass casino legislation in New Hampshire.  Vermont has never warmed up to the idea of casino gambling, and imposes strict fines on any violations of their anti-gambling laws.  And now the Maine Senate has rejected efforts to expand casino gaming.  Of course unlike Vermont and New Hampshire, Maine has already licensed casinos in Bangor and Oxford, and has gaming at a harness track and an off shore gambling cruise operation.

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