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    Satisfied and Engaged Employees are Essential to a Casino's Success

    Posted by Gary Galonek on 02.24.2022

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    Topics: Engaged Employees, Attract Players to Casino, rewarding employees, casino employees

    Workforce Ecosystems: Broadening our View of the Workforce

    Posted by Brian Galonek on 02.08.2022

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    Topics: Engage Motivate Reward, Employee Incentive Program, Recognize and Reward, rewarding employees, employee culture, Workforce

    You Are Running Out of Time to Promote Employee Engagement!

    Posted by Brian Galonek on 08.17.2021


    If you’ve waited this long to create a “Total Rewards” program that recognizes and rewards your employees in order to keep them more engaged at work, it’s ALMOST too late!

    The effects of the pandemic have come at employers in waves, and some of the largest and most disruptive waves are still on their way. As Gallup points out in this article, employees these days have more options than ever and one of those options for many is simply to retire.

    Look around your organization and you’re likely to see the early effects of retirements (and turnover as a whole) and ask yourself, “How much does it cost the company every time we lose a valuable seasoned employee?”

    If you have never put a properly structured employee recognition/rewards program in place, you’ve lost the opportunity to blunt this first wave, but if you put one in place now you can at least stem the losses going forward and set your company on the right path for the future.

    The 'Great Resignation' Is Really the 'Great Discontent'

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    Topics: Employee Incentive Program, improve employee engagement, rewarding employees, reward and recognize employees

    The Strategic Path to Employee Engagement

    Posted by Brian Galonek on 04.07.2021


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    Topics: Employee Recognition Programs, Disengaged Employees, Employee Appreciation, improve employee engagement, Motivating Employees, rewarding employees

    What Does ESG Mean to Your Business? Part 3: People

    Posted by Brian Galonek on 03.12.2021

    What Does ESG Mean to Your Business? Part 3: People

    ESG refers to business leader’s focus on Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance in relation to their long-term plans. What can a focus on ESG mean to your business or profitability, and how can companies use employee engagement tactics to further the cause?

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    Topics: Engaged Employees, improve employee engagement, Reward and Recognition Programs, ESG, rewarding employees

    Cash Incentives for Antivirus Shot

    Posted by Gary Galonek on 02.18.2021


    Nearly 1 month into President Biden’s push for one million COVID-19 vaccinations to be distributed in his first 100 days in office – his own version of “Warp Speed” – there are numerous reports of certain factions of the population resisting the shot. As many as 30% of the military personnel say they have no plan to get it, which is troubling when you consider that National Guardsmen will be tasked with administering the vaccines in certain areas and may be of the same mind set. It has also been reported that several NBA players are reluctant to get the shot and therefore unwilling to perform in PSA’s promoting it.  In total, some 40% of Americans still have no plans on getting either of the vaccines available. To combat this in the private sector, numerous employers with a vested interest in vaccinated employees have begun taking a different tact towards those reluctant to receive the shot; cash incentives.

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    Topics: Employee Reward, tangible rewards, COVID Impact, rewarding employees


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