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    Trump Should Operate with a Scalpel not a Chainsaw

    Posted by brian on 08.17.2017

    This article from the WSJ highlights what effect Trump-like deregulation may have; in this case stripping away regulations related to testing for sleep apnea among truckers and train engineers.  To most safety professionals such a move would be a step in the wrong direction and would make the world less safe.

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    Technology that Works to Build Your Brand

    Posted by admin on 08.16.2017

    All Star can help you extend your brand in a memorable way into your marketplace. Here is some special pricing on custom branded technology promotional items…

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    Sun Safety on the Job

    Posted by tara on 07.25.2017

    Workplace safety is a top priority for most companies particularly those with employees that have high-risk jobs whether it be drivers on the road or heavy equipment operators. But workplace safety goes beyond what may seem obvious and should include information about how to protect your skin.

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    Corporate Identity - June/July Logo Merchandise $2 Specials

    Posted by admin on 06.20.2017

    Corporate Identity - May Logo Merchandise $2 Specials


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    Safety Totally Leads the Way

    Posted by brian on 06.06.2017

    Safety Leads the Way - Safety Incentives

    This is not just the path toward improved safety and lower safety-related costs; it is also the path to walk if your goal is greater customer retention, higher sales, and maximizing profits.

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    Creating an Effective Customer Loyalty Program

    Posted by admin on 05.22.2017

    An effective customer loyalty program targets a specific audience, offers meaningful rewards, and provides a seamless and engaging experience for participants. Studies prove that it is 6-7 times more cost effective to retain existing customers than to acquire a new customer, yet 85% of consumers who are enrolled in a loyalty program haven’t heard a single word since they signed up according to ACI Worldwide.

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    Corporate Identity - April Logo Merchandise $2 Specials

    Posted by admin on 04.13.2017

    Corporate Identity April Logo Merchandise $2 Specials

    April $2 Corporate Logo Merchandise Specials

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    Developing a Recognition Strategy

    Posted by admin on 04.06.2017

    Successful companies recognize their most valuable assets as the people behind their success. In conceivably every business, there are people that deserve to be recognized for their contribution and loyalty. The relationship between an employee and their job within a company is as significant as the affiliation between a customer and their constancy to your brand. In short, engaged employees and loyal customers are the backbone of a business’s success.

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    Millennials in the Workforce

    Posted by admin on 03.13.2017

    During my job search, my goal was first to find an opportunity with a company where I felt my role would make an impact; I wanted to feel purpose. Joining All Star Incentive Marketing, that’s exactly what I got. We are much more than inspirational words on a website. As a reward and recognition company we practice what we preach. Before we pitch a new employee engagement program, it is tested on our very own employees.

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    Employee Engagement = Corporate Profitability

    Posted by brian on 02.10.2017

    When HR executives ask me how they can get “buy in” from their C-Suite brethren for new initiatives related to employee engagement I tell them to speak one truth to power “profitability”. I have not met a senior executive yet whose head did not turn when promised greater profitability, and that is exactly what HR professionals should be promising they can deliver with properly-built employee engagement programs. There is a positive correlation between employee engagement levels and corporate profits and they can prove it.

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