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    promotional product sales on the rise

    Posted by mike on 04.26.2019


    ASI (Advertising Speciality Institute) recently put out this article showing promotional product sales growth as 3.4% in the first quarter.

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    5 Ways to Engage Employees

    Posted by brian on 04.16.2019

    5 Ways to Engage Employees

    According to Gallup, only about 20% of the global workforce is engaged in their work. Given the level of interest and attention to employee engagement in the last few years, that’s a disheartening figure. What’s the secret to engaging employees?

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    Safety & Wellness: The Combination that Drives Engagement and Profitability - Part 2

    Posted by brian on 04.09.2019

    Safety Wellness Webinar

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    Topics: Employee Wellness, safety incentive programs, Safety Reward and Recognition Programs, Safety Webinar, Wellness Programs, Workplace Safety

    Safety & Wellness: The Combination that Drives Engagement and Profitability

    Posted by brian on 04.02.2019

    ISHN 2019 Webinar Safety & Wellness

    The following is a recap of Part 1 of a webinar of the same title. In this webinar, you’ll hear Brian Galonek, President of All Star Incentive Marketing and Sonic Boom, a wellness solution provider, discuss how properly-structured safety and wellness programs drive employee engagement and company profitability.

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    Topics: Employee Wellness Program, Safety Reward and Recognition Programs, Safety Webinar, Wellness Programs, Workplace Safety

    Clique telemark top selling jacket at an unbeatable price!

    Posted by cindy on 04.01.2019

    Clique Telemark Jacket


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    Find the fairway with promotional products that motivate

    Posted by cindy on 03.21.2019


    Maintaining great employee and customer relationships is a critical component to a company's long term success!

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    Winning the Turnover Battle in 2019

    Posted by brian on 02.14.2019

    Reducing Employee Turnover

    LinkedIn’s data based on 500 million professionals reports an average 10.7% turnover rate worldwide. Company leaders are vying for top talent and looking for strategies to increase employee retention. Here, we’ll explore the industries with the highest turnover rates, and outline some effective strategies for retaining key employees.

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    Corporate Identity February Priced Right $2 Specials

    Posted by cindy on 02.06.2019

    Priced Right February $2 Specials


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    Corporate Rewards, Recognition and Incentives: Still Misunderstood

    Posted by brian on 02.05.2019

    Corporate Rewards

    Although the Corporate Gifts & Incentives and Rewards & Recognition marketplaces are decades old, there is still a basic misunderstanding of the concept. This article claiming that “prizes won’t motivate employees” demonstrates that misunderstanding and illustrates how easily cash incentives can be confused with compensation.

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    Live well. Get rewarded.

    Posted by heidi on 02.01.2019

    All Star Incentive Marketing

    February 1, 2019
    Contact: Heidi Chatfield - All Star Incentive Marketing
    P: 508-347-7672

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