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    Developing a Recognition Strategy

    Posted by admin on 04.06.2017

    Successful companies recognize their most valuable assets as the people behind their success. In conceivably every business, there are people that deserve to be recognized for their contribution and loyalty. The relationship between an employee and their job within a company is as significant as the affiliation between a customer and their constancy to your brand. In short, engaged employees and loyal customers are the backbone of a business’s success.

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    Millennials in the Workforce

    Posted by admin on 03.13.2017

    During my job search, my goal was first to find an opportunity with a company where I felt my role would make an impact; I wanted to feel purpose. Joining All Star Incentive Marketing, that’s exactly what I got. We are much more than inspirational words on a website. As a reward and recognition company we practice what we preach. Before we pitch a new employee engagement program, it is tested on our very own employees.

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    Employee Engagement = Corporate Profitability

    Posted by brian on 02.10.2017

    When HR executives ask me how they can get “buy in” from their C-Suite brethren for new initiatives related to employee engagement I tell them to speak one truth to power “profitability”. I have not met a senior executive yet whose head did not turn when promised greater profitability, and that is exactly what HR professionals should be promising they can deliver with properly-built employee engagement programs. There is a positive correlation between employee engagement levels and corporate profits and they can prove it.

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    All Star Participates in United Way’s Day of Caring

    Posted by admin on 10.03.2016

    Eleven All Star employees volunteered their time to help support the United Way for their 2016 Day of Caring.  See some of the great work they did below:

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    Out of Sight, Out of Mind – Remote Employees Matter Too!

    Posted by tara on 09.01.2016


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    Look Before You Leap

    Posted by tara on 08.12.2016

    The journey into safety rewards and recognition never needs to be a blind one.  Often times a potential client will come to us not knowing where to start. We know that there are specific costs associated with safety (in particular – accidents) including lost time, claims, administrative expenses, and more.  The best thing to do is to evaluate the company’s current state of affairs relative to safety and that includes costs, incident rates, claims, training, recognition, committees, regular meetings, etc.  The more in tune a company is with their overall safety strategy and culture the more likely they are to create a properly designed and effective safety reward and recognition program.

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    The Brand Plan

    Posted by tara on 06.20.2016


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    Why Consumer Loyalty Programs are Vital to your Business

    Posted by All Star on 05.05.2016


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    Find the Fairway with Promotional Products that MOTIVATE

    Posted by cindy on 04.07.2016

    Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 1.10.46 PM

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    The Millennial vs. Engagement Dilemma

    Posted by Kristie Galonek on 03.22.2016


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