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    When it Comes to Safety, Size Shouldn't Matter

    Posted by brian on 11.06.2018


    Safety Program Size Doesn't Matter

    Technology has made parity achievable. Small and large companies can take comfort in knowing that, when it comes to worker safety, company size need not matter.

    Distractions are the same for all workers, whether they are part of an organization with 50 employees or 50,000. And so it would only seem right to assume that the business world has provided all entities, no matter their size, with the solutions they need to keep workers safe on the job. The truth, however, is that larger companies have always enjoyed many advantages over their smaller brethren. The kind of advantages that come naturally as a result of simply being bigger, such as:

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    A Safety Incentive for OSHA

    Posted by brian on 10.12.2018

    OSHA Safety Incentives

    It should have been easy to see, but somehow the waters were muddied decades ago and they are just now clearing up.  It is well understood that placing an incentive at the right place at the right time is a great method of creating positive behavior change.  Anyone working at OSHA would know this (as would any other American) in that we all participate in a wide variety of customer loyalty programs that incent us and affect our behavior.  As a result of doing so, we get rewarded for our loyalty to brands we already believe in, and everyone wins.

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    “We’ll Be There.”

    Posted by Jim Drakakis on 12.15.2014


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