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    How Your Company can Benefit from a Corporate Wellness Program

    Posted by Glen Neary on 09.12.2019

    Employee Wellness

    At this time of year many individuals and companies are exploring new or updated health insurance programs. Insurance companies offer significant benefits to companies that have documented wellness programs, so companies are making a significant investment in improving the health of their workforce. A study conducted by Fidelity revealed that over half of employers (56%) offer a wellness program to their global workforce, with 40% of the budget directed at incentives for employees to participate.

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    The care and feeding of industrial athletes

    Posted by brian on 07.17.2019


    The concept of industrial athletes was born in the last decade or so and refers to those who employees who make their living using their knowledge, skills and abilities to perform a job that often requires physical demands. The term industrial athlete is accurate as defined because there are definite similarities between what we normally think of as an athlete and an industrial athlete. How are you supporting the industrial athletes in your company?

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    Safety & Wellness: The Combination that Drives Engagement and Profitability

    Posted by brian on 04.02.2019

    ISHN 2019 Webinar Safety & Wellness

    The following is a recap of Part 1 of a webinar of the same title. In this webinar, you’ll hear Brian Galonek, President of All Star Incentive Marketing and Sonic Boom, a wellness solution provider, discuss how properly-structured safety and wellness programs drive employee engagement and company profitability.

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    6 Steps to a Successful Corporate Wellness Program

    Posted by brian on 09.25.2018

    Corporate Wellness Program

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    Wellness Programs That Work

    Posted by All Star on 02.08.2018

    Wellness Programs that Work

    In honor of American Heart Month, we gathered some tips on Corporate Wellness Programs. What makes one program more effective than another? Here are 8 steps to designing wellness programs that work.

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    Springing Together Towards Wellness

    Posted by tara on 05.01.2015

    SpringIntoWellnessFinding the key to what motivates employees is something that every employer faces at one time or another.  Utilizing the framework of an existing wellness program or deciding to launch a new one as part of your motivational toolbox – is worth serious consideration.  What many research studies on wellness programs have told us thus far is that employees are more productive and motivated when they know that their employer is invested in their total quality of life (not just what happens inside the office).

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    Increasing Employee Participation in Corporate Wellness Programs

    Posted by heidi on 09.26.2013


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