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    Employee appreciation is a year-round strategy

    Posted by brian on 04.02.2020

    Employee Appreciation

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    Don’t call it a Kickback

    Posted by brian on 03.09.2016

    In the Wall Street Journal article linked below, Senator Elizabeth Warren chooses to refer to the incentives offered to agents for selling certain types of annuities as “Kickbacks”. Really?! Is that what she meant to say because at an initial glance it seemed awfully irresponsible and uniformed to me? Wanting to make sure I did not misunderstand her, I thought I would look up the word Kickback to see if its connotation to me was way off. It wasn’t. Varying definitions of “kickback” use words like “bribery, coercion, illegal, collusion, secret, and dishonest”.

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    Employee Engagement Matters - July 2015

    Posted by Jim Drakakis on 07.30.2015
    2015 July
    The backbone of a business’s success is happy employees! This monthly publication will highlight proven strategies for employee engagement, motivation, and loyalty which have a direct effect on customer satisfaction, and ultimately impacts financial performance.
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    What’s the best award?

    Posted by Jim Drakakis on 07.23.2015


    The question is easy but the answer is a bit complicated. Having been associated with the recognition and incentives industry for over 25 years, I have seen paradigm shifts, economic downturns/upturns and human behavior studies which have impacted the type of awards companies have chosen to reward their employees over the years.

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