Casinos: Build an Emotional Connection with your Players

    Posted by Ed Jr. on 09.07.2017

    “If you build it, they will come….”  Not so true today in the Casino industry. Casino operators are becoming more and more customer centric, investing heavily in customer loyalty programs in an effort to strengthen their relationship with players. Personalizing the experience will help to build an emotional connection with your players to keep them coming back and spending more.

    One of the trends we’re seeing is the increase in demand for non-cash rewards. The Incentive Research Foundation reports that 84% of U.S. businesses were using tangible merchandise rewards in customer and employee programs in 2016 – and that number is growing. Businesses in the U.S. currently spend $23 billion a year on name-brand merchandise for loyalty and reward programs.

    As you are planning your Holiday Gift Promotions, keep in mind that choosing incentives and rewards strategically is a powerful way to tap into emotional engagement with your customer base; offering experiences is a growing trend.

    One of the best ways to create a memorable, positive gaming experience for your patrons is to host a Holiday Shopping Event.

    A Shopping Event for your guests during any time of the year has many benefits:

    • Increased traffic at your property
    • Improve the customer experience
    • Build your customer relationships
    • Reduce your point liability
    • Offers your VIP’s a choice

    When your guests redeem their points for tangible, name-brand merchandise, they form an emotional attachment to your property. They’ll remember where they got it every time they use it, and they’ll tell their friends about the experience. And why not offer the opportunity to do their Holiday Shopping at your property?

    Contact one of our Player Loyalty Specialists today to learn more about how shopping events using name-brand merchandise can increase traffic and customer loyalty at your property.



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