Employee Engagement Matters - August

    Posted by Jim Drakakis on 08.13.2015
    2015 August
    The backbone of a business’s success is happy employees! This monthly publication will highlight proven strategies for employee engagement, motivation, and loyalty which have a direct effect on customer satisfaction, and ultimately impacts financial performance.
    Raising Employee Engagement While Increasing Patron Loyalty
    Written by: Gary Galonek

    A large part of a Casino’s business model is focused on patrons needs and experiences, and justifiably so. Without patrons they have no industry, so they should always be top of mind when it comes to motivating and rewarding.

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    Jim Drakakis

    Jim Drakakis is a certified recognition professional with over 20 years industry experience. His extensive background includes helping organizations improve employee engagement and increase motivation through recognition. In addition to directing All Star Incentive Marketing’s sales efforts, Drakakis has delivered captivating educational seminars, symposiums and workshops to thousands of Human Resources professionals. He is a participating member of The Society of Human Resources Management, WorldatWork, and Recognition Professionals International. He has worked with many of North America’s most admired companies, helping organizations understand the true meaning of recognition.


    Your ability to meet or exceed your business goals comes down to one thing -- the Power of Engagement!

    About All Star Incentive Marketing
    For over 40 years we have worked with many of North America's finest companies to create engagement strategies that build relationships. Our cost-effective incentive, recognition and rewards programs are proven to increase performance, build loyalty and motivate employees. To find out more, or to schedule a brief meeting Click Here.

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