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    The care and feeding of industrial athletes

    Posted by brian on 07.17.2019


    The concept of industrial athletes was born in the last decade or so and refers to those who employees who make their living using their knowledge, skills and abilities to perform a job that often requires physical demands. The term industrial athlete is accurate as defined because there are definite similarities between what we normally think of as an athlete and an industrial athlete. How are you supporting the industrial athletes in your company?

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    Safety & Wellness: The Combination that Drives Engagement and Profitability - Part 2

    Posted by brian on 04.09.2019

    Safety Wellness Webinar

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    Safety & Wellness: The Combination that Drives Engagement and Profitability

    Posted by brian on 04.02.2019

    ISHN 2019 Webinar Safety & Wellness

    The following is a recap of Part 1 of a webinar of the same title. In this webinar, you’ll hear Brian Galonek, President of All Star Incentive Marketing and Sonic Boom, a wellness solution provider, discuss how properly-structured safety and wellness programs drive employee engagement and company profitability.

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    6 Steps to a Successful Corporate Wellness Program

    Posted by brian on 09.25.2018

    Corporate Wellness Program

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    How Healthy is Your Safety Program?

    Posted by Kristie Galonek on 11.24.2014


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    Friendship ROI

    Posted by tara on 10.17.2014

    I am rapidly approaching my 10-year anniversary with my company.  It’s a family-owned business so already has a friendly built-in quality about it that makes it feel familiar before you even get to know anyone.  I have made lifelong friends over the years – some have left and keep in touch and some are still here alongside me.

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    Communications – Keeping Rewards & Recognition Top of Mind

    Posted by tara on 08.21.2014

    In a previous blog I talked about the importance of measuring results and I still believe that is a key component for inclusion in the creation of a program strategy.  Equally as important is the need for a communications plan.

    One of the most likely contributors to a failing program is the lack of a communications strategy. We have seen it happen many times – a company launches a program and then “hopes” it essentially runs itself.  Many companies believe in the power of incentives, recognition and rewards but often don’t realize the effort that it takes to create, launch, sustain, and enhance a successful program over time.  If a program is not communicated on a regular basis in various ways….well then it is essentially out of sight - out of mind (and the likely demise of the program).  Consider the program to be the flower and the communication the water – without it, it dies on the vine.

    It is not only important to create a communications strategy for the launch but also one that evolves and is administered frequently throughout the life of the program.  Communications must be multi-dimensional and targeted.  Similar to the need for benchmarking prior to a program launch in order to properly measure results, surveying your audience(s) about how, where, when they obtain information is critical.

    For more on this topic click here to read “Great Program Communications Inspire Employees, Drive Results,” a recent white paper published by the Performance Improvement Council, of which All Star Incentive Marketing is a member.


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    Incentives – An Effective Tool for Wellness Initiatives

    Posted by tara on 02.26.2014

    recent article on sites a survey which finds that employers are spending more on wellness programs than ever before.  95% of the companies participating in the survey plan to offer some kind of health improvement program for their employees with 74% offering associated incentive programs in 2014.

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    Wellness Programs and Overstepping your Boundaries in the Workplace

    Posted by brian on 12.12.2013

    The article linked below, Wellness Programs and Overstepping your Boundaries in the Workplace by Jeffrey Phillips does a nice job summarizing in just a few paragraphs the evolving landscape of wellness programs which are being increasingly adopted by US companies and shaped by government regulations.

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