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    BIG Loss at All Star is a GAIN for Worcester County Food Bank

    Posted by admin on 07.17.2009

    STURBRIDGE OFFICE PARK, FISKDALE, MA –   For two months employees of All Star Incentive Marketing worked hard to take the weight off in order to help those individuals and families faced with a difficult choice between putting food on the table or paying expenses.  On Friday, All Star delivered their collective weight loss of 152.25lbs in food and grocery products to the Worcester County Food Bank. This donation was the end result of All Star’s Biggest Loser Competition.
    Every Thursday for eight weeks, participants reported to the in-office fitness facility for their official weigh-in. At weigh-in, the individual and the team with the largest weight loss, based on percentage of weight loss, was revealed. In the days following each weigh-in, employees were asked to bring in the food equivalent of their weight loss, which was constructed into a food pyramid in All Star’s foyer.  This pyramid served as a constant reminder of the personal accomplishments of All Star’s employees, and their collective goal to help feed hungry people living in Central Massachusetts.  To keep employees motivated, points were awarded in the companies’ internal rewards program on a weekly basis, and at the close of the program based on weight-loss percentage.

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    All Star Incentive Marketing - Thinking Big for its Clients

    Posted by admin on 07.06.2009

    STURBRIDGE OFFICE PARK, FISKDALE, MA – All Star Incentive Marketing, Macy’s and Sharp Electronics were thinking big – really big – when it came time to develop a plan for the Macy’s Summer mattress sale.

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